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Atomized enables developers to launch application infrastructure in their favorite cloud provider
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10 times faster
Launching your applications with Atomized is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


We'll help you easily connect your Github and AWS accounts to the Atomized platform.


You'll select which repository you want to deploy and answer a few questions.


That easy! We automatically setup your CI/CD pipeline, will deploy based on your settings, and provide options to revert back as needed.

Lightning Fast

With Atomized, getting started is easy. Atomized reduces the amount of work to deploy applications to under five minutes. We only take the necessary details and will handle the rest for you.

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Ownership & Visibility

Using the Atomized platform, you have full visibility and ownership of your infrastructure because it lives in your cloud provider account. No more black boxes that you can't troubleshoot and manage. If you ever decide to leave our platform, your infrastructure stays with you and will still be running.

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Integrated & Versioned

Atomized provides the benefits that traditional IaC providers do, without the unnecessary overhead and maintenance. Because Atomized is directly integrated to your code and your cloud provider, every infrastructure change is tracked and could easily be reverted.

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Here's what you can deploy

Static Sites

Static sites are sites that don’t contain any dynamic server-side functionality. With Atomized, we automatically detect your package manager, setup a CI/CD pipeline for you, build your site, and host it, all under five minutes.


Containers are packaged applications with all necessary dependencies, allowing applications to run quickly and are infinitely scalable. With Atomized, we build your containers and ship them to a registry where they can be pulled and launched.


Databases allow you to store and retrieve information. With Atomized, we make it easy to spin up the databases you need that are highly-available and highly-performant.

Save weeks of manual infrastructure deployment work in five minutes.

Save weeks of manual infrastructure deployment work in five minutes.

Atomized makes it easier to deploy your applications to your cloud

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