Introducing Atomized Catalog

  3 minute read

I am excited to announce that the Atomized Catalog is now available to everyone.

What is the catalog?

The catalog is a list of templates that you can deploy today through the Atomized Deploy product.

When you create a new account, our platform will first display the services you can deploy from our catalog. These templates are based on common uses cases such as full-stack applications and public-facing containers. Once you select what service you want to deploy, you will need to answer three easy sections around the details of your service and the deployment style (if applicable). Then you’ll see a summary of what resources will be created and how much it’ll cost to run on AWS.

What is the future of the catalog?

For developers: Our end goal is to provide one-click deployment of your favorite tools and stacks with your favorite cloud provider. We are partnering with various vendors who are both open and closed sourced and streamlining the process for deployment. Gone will be the days of reading really long readme files to get started. Press the button, and magic happens.

For vendors: Our end goal is to provide vendors with more data and metrics around their users and product. Depending on the setup, we could let you know precisely how many users you have, the installation status, and potential issues. Our goal is to make self-hosted deployments as easy as possible.

How do I add my product to the catalog?

Simple – just reach out to us to schedule a call to walk you through the process. There will be a self-service model with an approval process in the near future.

We would love to chat if you have tools/stacks that you need to deploy inside your customers’ environments.


The catalog is the foundation for the Atomized platform. We’re excited about the future it brings to our customers and vendors. Take a look through the catalog today.

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