Re-introducing Atomized Deploy – fastest platform to deploy infrastructure

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Today, we’re excited to announce Atomized’s general availability – our official version 1.0!

Brief History Recap

Every startup – until you hit proper product-market fit – can be changed at any moment. This is true for Atomized as well.

Team at work

In January 2021, we decided to evolve our original vision from compliance automation to build a platform-as-a-service focused on enabling developers. In four months, we built and launched our MVP / Proof of Concept to the world. We had a successful product launch but quickly realized that a lot of work needed to be done before comfortable saying that our platform was “production-grade.”

In July 2021, we decided to close registration and onboarding on our platform and spent the summer rebuilding our engine and product. We signed our first paying customer in July and quickly started to rebuild everything.

In late August 2021, we re-launched in stealth to several handpicked customers on the waitlist. We learned a lot from the feedback and continued to build out the rest of the remaining features.

Taking all that we learned, we refined the platform, made the product easier to sign-up and use. We’re happy to announce our true milestone – our version 1.0.

What is Atomized Deploy?

We make cloud + code integration very easy, enabling developers to build faster without needing to be a cloud expert. Launch to production in minutes, not months.

How it works:

  1. Connect – We’ll help you easily connect your Github and AWS accounts to the Atomized platform.
  2. Select – Select a service that you want to deploy and answer a few questions.
  3. Deploy – We’ll set up your CD pipeline, give you a cost estimation, and once you’re ready, deploy your infrastructure!

Here’s a quick demo of me deploying a container on AWS:

We have over 15 different blueprints available to launch on AWS, including:

  • Containers
  • Databases
  • Serverless functions
  • Redis
  • Static Sites

Why we’re building Atomized

Developers want to move at their own pace and be autonomous. DevOps / Platform Engineers are often the bottleneck and would prefer to enable developers to operate safely.

Developers spend over 40% of their time figuring how to run their code instead of writing great code.

Cloud providers like AWS are amazing but are becoming more and more complex. In 2021, there are over 200+ services that AWS provides. The picture is similar across other cloud providers like Azure and GCP.

Most SaaS startups follow a similar journey:

  • Build MVP quickly on easy to use platforms like Heroku or with no-code tools like Bubble
  • Post-launch – immediately start building their V1 and realize the limitations around performance, pricing, control/transparency with these platforms, forced to migrate to cloud providers like AWS/GCP.
  • Quickly realize that learning and working with AWS/GCP ends up eating a lot of time and if done incorrectly, could have devastating security and cost issues. Most importantly, it stops devs from writing code and shipping features.
  • Companies realize that they need to hire a dedicated platform/DevOps engineer. Great platform/DevOps engineers are very expensive ($100k+/year).

This is where Atomized comes in. We’re on a mission to enable developers to focus on what’s truly important – writing great code. Our platform will handle the rest for you without forcing you to hire a dedicated DevOps Engineer.

What our customers are saying

Atomized made deploying the proper cloud infrastructure for our software solution effortless. The software platform allows me to quickly monitor and make changes to our infrastructure which will be very useful when scaling for customer demand. Thanks to Atomized we can focus on developing our core product because our infrastructure needs are taken care of!

Atomized has been a godsend. The team has done an incredible job in helping us set up. We’re in the process of migrating our infrastructure to their platform, Nik and the rest of the team have been super helpful in getting things up and running. Provided they are in early stages, I am very excited to see how they progress.

Working with Atomized and their team is a great experience. They bring speed, expertise and passion with their solutions.

Our Offer

Atomized is free to get started with and grows with your business. Get started today for free and see how fast you can deploy your stack with Atomized!

If you’re in the process of migrating from Heroku to AWS or just starting in AWS and need help, please reach out!

If you’re launching an open source solution and want to provide a simple, one-click deployment to AWS for your users, we’d love to put your solution on our marketplace.

If we don’t have the blueprint you need setup, we will make it happen as fast as possible!

Start simplifying your CI/CD processes

Atomized helps developers deploy application infrastructure
without installing CLI tools or spinning up Kubernetes clusters

Atomized makes it easier to deploy your applications to your cloud

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