Why we’re building Atomized

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I wake up and work on Atomized every day because it’s personal to me. It all comes down to time. Time is the only currency that you can’t ever get back. You can always make more money and acquire more stuff, but at the end of the day, time is something you’re never getting back.

It’s insane how much time gets burned on the boilerplate work that every developer goes through – especially when trying to use AWS. It’s insane how much time we waste to learn tools that go obsolete in some years.

The scope of the responsibilities for developers is increasing every year. In the past, you’d only need to write code and then throw it over to the ops teams to figure out how to run and scale it. Nowadays, developers are expected to not only write great code, but also to set up, run it, scale it, and make sure there is no downtime between releases.

Due to software developers’ role evolving, developers are spending over 40% of their time figuring out how to run and manage their code.

On the flip side, there is an insane amount of tools and fatigue that exists. Existing cloud providers like AWS are outstanding in the amount of power they provide but, unfortunately, are becoming more and more complex. In 2021, there are over 200+ services that AWS provides. The picture is similar across other cloud providers like Azure and GCP.

This forces most developers (especially those building startups) to pick between writing great code and having excellent infrastructure. But don’t just take our word for it, here are some quotes from developers that we collected around discussions about using AWS and tools like Kubernetes:

“We found infrastructure the most annoying part. It takes too long, is too expensive, and most importantly, it stopped us from actually building. We would spend weeks to months creating infrastructure and even longer maintaining it. You always have to choose between your product development speed and an affordable cloud setup.”

“You can spend a lot of effort to set up the workflow and processes required to build, deploy, and monitor your project. It gets worse when your company has hundreds, if not thousands, of projects to maintain. With new projects constantly starting up, the entire software development process becomes impossibly complex to manage.”

“Two things that aren’t changing are (1) customers are always going to want simpler ways to interact with their cloud infrastructure and (2) they’re always going to want tools to understand where their cloud costs are coming from to make better business decisions.”

“I do a lot of ops professionally. Unless you have a specific reason, I say it’s best to avoid complicated tooling until later. k8s, ci, etc are all really useful and solve a lot of hard problems, but god are they a bitch to set up and then monitor, fix when something weird happens, secure from nasty people outside, patch when some update becomes necessary, resist the urge to “improve”, etc. This doesn’t include the time it takes to work these tools into your project, like k8s for example really requires you grok its model of how stuff it runs is supposed to look. There’s a reason entire companies exist that simply offer managed versions of these services!”

So understanding this problem – Atomized sets up the perfect middle ground – giving you the Heroku-like experience and setting developers on a solid foundation without wasting precious time.

I’m excited for the future our team is building. We invite you to come join us on our mission.

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