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Atomized enables teams to deploy applications without needing to be a cloud expert.
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Launching your applications with Atomized is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


We'll help you easily connect your Github and AWS accounts to the Atomized platform.


Select a service that you want to deploy and answer a few questions.


We'll setup your CI/CD pipeline, give you a cost estimation, and once you're ready, deploy your infrastructure!

Lightning Fast

With Atomized, getting started is easy. Atomized reduces the amount of work to deploy cloud infrastructure to under five minutes. We only ask the necessary details and will handle the rest for you.

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Ownership & Visibility

With the Atomized platform, you have full visibility and ownership of your infrastructure because it lives in your cloud provider account. No more black boxes that you can't troubleshoot and manage.

Deploy your application

Integrated &

Atomized provides the benefits that traditional IaC providers do, without the unnecessary overhead and maintenance.

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Here's what you can deploy

Public Container
Static Website
Relational Database
Lambda Function
S3 Bucket
EC2 Bastion
Private Container
CI Step
Shell Lambda
Migrations Lambda
Redis Instance

Save months of manual infrastructure deployment work in five minutes.

Atomized makes it easier to deploy your applications to your cloud

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